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Colchester's local Fairtrade campaign

We are seeking sustain Colchester's commitment to Fairtrade.  Our campaign is maintaining its momentum and we can always use more help.

  • We need volunteers to contact local retailers and encourage them to stock and sell Fairtrade products.
  • We need people to ask for Fairtrade products in restaurants and cafes.
  • We need pupils and teachers in schools to promote Fairtrade in canteens
  • We need people to talk about Fairtrade to their employers and push for the use of Fairtrade products in canteens.
  • We need help in raising public awareness of Fairtrade through media work and publicity events
  • We need people to talk with their friends and help them see the benefits of Fairtrade products.
  • We need more people to come to our campaign meetings and get involved (see the events diary for dates)
  • We need you to buy Fairtrade goods and make the difference.
  • We need modest amounts of money to cover the costs of literature and the direct expenses of running the Colchester Fairtrade campaign.  We are all unpaid volunteers.  If you can spare a few grand, we would be terribly grateful, not to say gob-smacked.  Smaller sums also help.

Send cheques (payable to “Colchester Fairtrade Group” please) to:-

  • Traders Fair World Shop
    The Cooperative Resource Centre
    The Centre
    Clematis Way
    CO4 3PX

Ideas for collecting money painlessly:-

  • Set aside 10p for each meal that includes Fairtrade ingredients
  • Fine yourself £1 for each meal that includes no Fairtrade ingredients
  • Donate 10p for each cup of excellent Fairtrade tea or coffee
  • Keep a collection box alongside your recycled loo-rolls
  • Donate the price of one Fairtrade snack bar per packet bought
  • Donate 50p each time you see media reports of poverty and hunger
  • Have a Fairtrade swearbox (see previous item)